If you’re a scorned lover looking for a pick-me-up on Valentine’s Day then a zoo in Texas might have the perfect gift for you.

The El Paso Zoo is offering to name its cockroaches after people’s exes and then feed them to a meerkat live on video this Valentine’s Day.

Up until the day of, people can message the zoo on Facebook with their ex’s name as part of the zoo’s “Quit Bugging Me” event.

Zoo employees will then feed the roaches to the zoo’s meerkats — which will be live-streamed on the zoo’s website and Facebook page on Feb. 14 at 2:15 p.m. local time.

Starting on Feb. 11 — as part of the lead-up to the event — the zoo will also put up the names of people’s exes on social media and on the walls of its meerkat exhibit.

The zoo is calling its offer: “the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.” But they’re not the only zoo doing this.

As part of its annual adoption program, the Bronx Zoo will let people name their Madagascar hissing cockroachs whatever they want.

The zoo said it can be a way for people to show others that they’re thinking of them — essentially letting them seal their love with a hiss.

Because they’re next to impossible to kill, that zoo is promising a gift that will “remain thriving and triumphant.”

For $15, people can name the roach whatever they want and receive a certificate.

But they’re also offering a wide variety of packages that range between $35 and $70, which can include beanies, novelty mugs and even a “roach broach.”